LOVE NEVER DIES | Fabiana's custom gold ring with ruby, emeralds and a very personal story

There is always a personal story behind special pieces of jewelry - this is also the case with this gold ring and matching ear studs made of 585 yellow gold with emeralds and rubies, which we had the pleasure of making for Fabiana.

Some time ago we received a message from Fabiana that touched us deeply:

"Dear Johan and dear Fredrik, today would actually be my second wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, there was no first wedding day and no wedding, because my fiancé died in an avalanche accident five weeks before."

Her bridal jewelry, which Fabiana found with us in the summer of 2018, she wore to her fiancé's funeral instead of her wedding ceremony. "Bracelet and earrings I wear regularly. Such beautiful pieces that it's too bad for them to collect dust in a drawer!" However, the two were never able to pin on each other the two wedding rings made of plain 585 yellow gold. "I now wondered if it would be possible to make these rings into a beautiful piece of jewelry just for me?" The idea of uniting both wedding rings in this way, so that Fabiana can always carry them with her, immediately excited us and moved us a lot.


Via FaceTime, Fabiana and I discussed in detail how the new jewelry should look. It was very important to me to find out her personal ideas and then to advise her professionally on how to implement them. She wanted a new ring from the gold of both wedding rings and matching ear studs. Precious stones were to give the jewelry even more meaning. Fabiana decided on emeralds, which are supposed to help after strokes of fate and provide mental balance, and a ruby - the lucky stone of love and loyalty. It gives vitality and is supposed to protect against evil.

Green and pink are also Fabiana's and her late fiancé Daniel's favorite colors, so my ambition was immediately aroused to seek out a ruby that was more pink/pink in hue, rather than the classic red.


After I had procured a selection of different emeralds and rubies in all possible shapes, sizes and shades, my favorite part began: I was allowed to give free rein to my creativity and create various initial design proposals for the jewelry pieces. Of course, Fabiana's wishes and specifications were taken into account right from the start. I then presented her with more than ten different variations, ranging from very simple to somewhat more playful. Fabiana could then decide which design she liked best and express further wishes until the final design was finally decided. Fabiana chose a minimalist design of one small round emerald for each of the earrings and a combination of five different stones for the ring: a design in which a beautiful raspberry-colored oval ruby is set by four emeralds in radiant shades of green. The stone of love and fidelity, symbolically protected by the gemstones to help with fate blows.


When the design was finalized, both wedding rings and the gemstones Fabiana had chosen traveled to Hamburg, where my wonderful colleague Anke Baumgarten supported me in the final realization of the design with a great deal of patience, incredible craftsmanship and her trained eye for detail. The wedding rings were melted down into a small gold ingot, from which the two new pieces of jewelry were then created in loving, labor-intensive goldsmithing handwork. During the entire creation phase, Fabiana did not want to see any photos and gave us her complete trust until the completion.

As a final touch, we have engraved the phrase "LOVE NEVER DIES" on the inside of the ring. Three words that perfectly express the whole story that this ring made of gold of two wedding rings will carry forever.


Finally the time had come! Fabiana really wanted to pick up the jewelry in person from us in Stuttgart and so we were there live when she got to see the final result of her idea for the first time. She was immediately so enthusiastic about the earrings that she put them on right away. Afterwards she opened the jewelry case with the new ring and I could directly feel her happiness, her enthusiasm and her speechlessness. I will never forget this magical moment. It was pure joy to see how happy she was after we worked together for months on this beautiful and very emotional project.

"I am still so excited and flashed. I never thought that the jewelry would evoke such emotions in me! My family and friends are also very moved and amazed by the beauty and perfection of these wonderful unique pieces!"


Thank you for your trust, dear Fabiana. We are happy with you that you can now wear your and Daniel's wedding ring always with you in this unique way.

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