Made to measure

Below you will find examples of our custom jewelry, which can serve as inspiration for your own unique jewelry. You will find a selection of engagement rings, wedding rings and very personal pieces of jewelry that we have designed and made according to individual wishes.

Every piece of jewelry made to measure tells a distinctive story. Let's create your new favorite piece of jewelry together!

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Classic engagement ring 0.3 ct. Brilliant 750 yellow gold

Minimalist Engagement Ring 0.035 Ct. Brilliant 750 Yellow Gold

1.13 Ct. ruby & 0.35 Ct. emerald ring in 585 yellow gold

0.4 ct. engagement ring with imperial topaz

0.11 Ct Wedding Rings 585 Warm Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Wedding rings with sapphire in 585 yellow gold

750 rose gold wedding rings with different textured surfaces

Partner rings in 750 white gold with 0.12 ct diamonds

Wedding rings in 750 rose gold with textured surface

585 white & rose gold wedding rings with ruby

Wedding Rings 750 White Gold Fine Matte Finish

Are you feeling inspired?

Then let us tell your story together. Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible and make an appointment with us to discuss your jewelry wishes, so that together we can make them come true - in the form of your very own unique piece of jewelry.