Since 2010 we have been lovingly handcrafting timeless, feminine and detailed jewelry from the highest quality materials - for weddings, special moments and for every day.

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"During my time as a professional ballet dancer, I learned that tiny details make up the big picture and it's important to give even the smallest things my full attention. This is probably where my great attention to detail comes from, which is reflected in my jewelry designs today. The individual beauty and elegance of women have always inspired me, and I have made it my mission to create detail-oriented accessories that enhance the personality and natural beauty of the woman who will wear them." - Johan Vandamme, Designer

We think jewelry is the most personal accessory a woman can wear. Especially on her wedding day, choosing the perfect bridal jewelry is all about individuality. Every piece of jewelry should be special and distinctive without being loud and obtrusive in the center of attention.That's why at JUVELAN every single piece of jewelry is "handmade with love" from the idea to the delivery.

All our creations are personally designed by the designer Johan Vandamme and handmade with great attention to detail and an experienced eye for color and material combinations.Our highest demand is quality and attention to detail - from the very beginning, since our founding in 2010, we wanted to make unique and timeless pieces of jewelry from high-quality materials that have a lasting value. What applies to a good marriage also applies to our jewelry: it should not only last a few months, but make you happy for a lifetime.

Fredrik Andersson & Johan Vandamme


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