Our Juvelan Team! With great attention to detail we design our bridal jewelry collections and all other jewelry pieces in our Stuttgart studio and are always there for our customers both in our online store and in our Stuttgart store.

Founder | Owner | Creative Director

Johan Vandamme

My favorite jewelry
...for every day:
necklace Memory, necklace Melly, stud earrings
Simply Wonderful

...for weddings: Earrings Simply Delightful, Earrings
, Earrings Gabriella

What I do: As the creative head of Juvelan, I am responsible for everything from the initial idea to the handcrafted production of a piece of jewelry. My heart beats for all areas in which I can live out my creativity: the development and implementation of new collections and projects, the jewelry production, but also the advice and customer service in the store and online. I love to pursue new ideas, implement customer wishes and make daily decisions that drive Juvelan forward and develop it further.

Founder | Owner | Business Director

Fredrik Andersson

My favorite jewelry
...for every day:
Guardian necklace, Mum necklace, Creoles

...for weddings: Unity earrings, Diversity necklace, Rachel earrings

What I do: What the studio is for Johan, the office is for me. So that he can be creative, I watch his back in all areas that revolve around numbers, Excel spreadsheets and paperwork. Whether it's accounting, marketing or human resources - I really thrive on topics that others find complicated and boring. In addition, I can also live out my creative streak at Juvelan by regularly supporting Johan and the team in day-to-day business and in the implementation of new projects and ideas.

Store Assistant | Production


My favorite pieces of jewelry
...for every day:
Dublin ring, Simply The Best earrings, Creativity stud earrings
...for weddings: Portrait earrings, Felicity earrings, Modernist earrings

What I do: Multitasking is my middle name! I feel just as comfortable advising customers personally in the store as I do handcrafting jewelry and engravings in the studio or doing logistical shipping and office work. I also particularly enjoy implementing creative ideas for new projects and collections.



My favorite jewelry
...for every day:
Creoles Simply The Best, Bracelet Sarina,
Wrap Bracelet Black Chameleon
...for weddings: Amelie earrings, Estelle bracelet, Halo hair clip

What I do: My pearls and gems are letters and words from which I design "jewelry" texts. Since the founding of Juvelan, I create, correct and/or translate everything for Johan and Fredrik that you can read on this website, in product descriptions, newsletters, blog posts and on social media. My job is to put Johan's creative ideas into words - and read his mind for a change. I love giving the collections and designs an identity through appropriate names and descriptions. And if there's a typo somewhere, I guarantee the text didn't go through my desk :-)