Every piece of jewelry has a story. Let me help you tell yours!

Juvelan offers you a comprehensive service in the design of personal and unique jewelry that reflects your individual style and taste. In close consultation and collaboration, I, Johan Vandamme, create with you step by step the jewelry you have always dreamed of.

Here's how - you're just five steps away from your new favorite piece of jewelry:

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Step 1 

Our journey begins

It is my great pleasure to accompany you on the way to your new unique jewelry. No matter if you are looking for a special engagement ring, unique wedding rings, a very personal gift for a loved one or a distinctive piece of jewelry for yourself. In order to fulfill your wishes in the best possible way, please tell me in advance in this form as detailed as possible how you imagine your individual piece of jewelry and what you associate with it. 

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Step 2

Your personal consultation 

Before the design process, I want to get to know you and your vision better. Once I receive your inquiry, I will contact you promptly to arrange a meeting - in person or virtually. At that time, we'll take the time together for an in-depth consultation where details and unanswered questions can be clarified and we can make sure we're speaking the same language in terms of collaboration, timeline, and budget.

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Step 3

The design of your jewelry 

The design of your piece of jewelry After we have jointly determined the design direction, materials and any gemstones, I begin the creative process. Depending on the design, I will create CAD designs or detailed sketches and personally select the perfect diamonds and gemstones for your piece of jewelry - always keeping your preferences, budget and timeline in mind. Once you agree with the design and are 100% happy, a deposit of 60% of the total price is due - you pay the balance when the jewelry is finished.

Step 4

The making of your unique piece 

When you have approved the final design, I give your piece of jewelry into production! For this I work with the best master jewelers in Pforzheim, who lovingly handcraft your jewelry. The manufacturing process includes casting, polishing, setting the gemstones and everything else needed to turn your vision into a real piece of jewelry. Custom jewelry by hand usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

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Step 5

Your jewelry is now yours - forever!

This last step is what I love the most: Your piece of jewelry is finished and you can either pick it up personally at our JUVELAN store in Stuttgart or we can send it to you by mail. Working together on an individual, custom-made piece of jewelry is always a very personal, special experience for me and if you would like to send me a photo of the finished piece of jewelry with its new owner, I would be very happy.


Customized products customer gallery

Classic engagement ring 0.3 ct. Brilliant 750 yellow gold

Minimalist Engagement Ring 0.035 Ct. Brilliant 750 Yellow Gold

1.13 Ct. ruby & 0.35 Ct. emerald ring in 585 yellow gold

0.4 ct. engagement ring with imperial topaz

0.11 Ct Wedding Rings 585 Warm Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Wedding rings with sapphire in 585 yellow gold

750 rose gold wedding rings with different textured surfaces

Partner rings in 750 white gold with 0.12 ct diamonds

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