Premiere | Our first JUVELAN wedding rings for the bridal couple Maren and Frank

It was an honor and great pleasure for us to make our very first JUVELAN wedding rings. For Maren and Frank, we designed a custom pair of rings made of red gold, white/grey gold and a ruby for their wedding and produced this unique piece by hand.

Coincidence, fate or just perfect timing? When Maren approached us with the request for wedding rings, there were only four people in total who already knew that we wanted to offer this in the future. For some time, we had been looking into the topic of custom wedding rings, with a view to adding them to the JUVELAN range alongside our bridal jewelry.

The idea

Maren had a necklace with a personalized engraving made by us in 2021 - and simply asked us if we could also make wedding rings for her upcoming wedding just six weeks later. She and her fiancé Frank had already found something, but could only find the men's version and therefore wanted both rings to be custom-made.

My spontaneous answer was, "Yes, I do!" Since the schedule was tight, we then met directly on Good Friday via Zoom video call to coordinate the details. And then we went full throttle: the materials had to be found and sourced, the rings had to be made, and then of course everything had to be delivered on time. I spoke directly to our goldsmiths, who assured me that we could do it together - even though the timing was extremely ambitious.

The manufacture

Maren and Frank's wedding rings were meant to be simple, but special: Two-tone, the outside in white/gray gold, the inside in rose gold. And Maren's ring was to have a small ruby set into it. Several samples were sent back and forth to determine the right gold color. The appropriate ring sizes were figured out, engraving was discussed, and of course pictures were exchanged to choose the perfect ruby. I often sent them both very long, detailed emails so they were always in the loop and could see every step of the manufacturing of "their rings".

The happy ending

Shortly before time, but of course in time - as promised - the wedding rings were delivered on time for the wedding by our courier. How did the couple like them? Read for yourself:

"Dear Johan,
we received your package today and are very excited!
I think what we pay in the end can not really settle this performance - your service and super communication in every detail! Thank you, thank you, thank you for that! For making us the most beautiful rings, taking such good care of us. So, so great! The rings are great and fit like fitted!

Love, Maren & Frank"

Dear Maren and dear Frank: thank you for "blindly" giving us your trust, even though there were no wedding rings from us to look at before. Your rings will forever be something very special - not only for you, but also for us.

Interested in your very own wedding rings from JUVELAN?

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