Custom-made products | From the idea to the unique item

Every piece of jewelry has a story. I will help you to tell yours!

Juvelan offers you a comprehensive service in the design of personal and unique jewelry that reflects your individual style and taste. In close consultation and collaboration, I, Johan Vandamme, create with you step by step the jewelry you have always dreamed of. 

Here's how - you're just five steps away from your new favorite piece of jewelry:

Step 1 | Our journey begins

It is my great pleasure to accompany you on the way to your new unique jewelry. No matter if you are looking for a special engagement ring, unique wedding rings, a very personal gift for a loved one or a distinctive piece of jewelry for yourself. In order to fulfill your wishes in the best possible way, please tell me in advance in this form as detailed as possible how you imagine your individual piece of jewelry and what you associate with it. 

Golden engagement ring with a diamond in the center and two brown-colored imperial topazes next to it in a prong setting

Step 2 | Your personal consultation

Before the design process, I want to get to know you and your vision better. Once I receive your inquiry, I will contact you promptly to arrange a meeting - in person or virtually. At that time, we'll take the time together for an in-depth consultation where details and unanswered questions can be clarified and we can make sure we're speaking the same language in terms of collaboration, timeline, and budget.

A hand selects a specimen from various diamonds and gemstones

Step 3 | The design of your piece of jewelry

After we have determined the design direction, materials and any gemstones together, I begin the creative process. Depending on the design, I work with my team to create CAD designs or detailed sketches and personally select the perfect diamonds and gemstones for your jewelry piece - always keeping in mind your preferences, budget and timeline. Once you agree with the design and are 100% happy, a deposit of 65% of the total price is due - you pay the balance when the jewelry is finished.

CAD image of various rings in the design process

Step 4 | Making your unique piece

When you have approved the final design, I give your piece of jewelry into production! For this I work with the best master jewelers in Pforzheim, who lovingly handcraft your jewelry. The manufacturing process includes casting, polishing, setting the gemstones and everything else needed to turn your vision into a real piece of jewelry. Custom jewelry by hand usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete.
A ring during production

Step 5 | Your jewelry is now yours - forever!

This last step is what I love the most: Your piece of jewelry is finished and you can either pick it up personally at our JUVELAN store in Stuttgart or we can send it to you by mail. Working together on an individual, custom-made piece of jewelry is always a very personal, special experience for me and if you would like to send me a photo of the finished piece of jewelry with its new owner, I would be very happy.

A custom-made ring with emeralds and rubies held by two hands


Then let us tell your story together. Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible and make an appointment to discuss your jewelry wishes so that we can make them come true together - in the form of your very own unique piece of jewelry. Ready? CLICK HERE to the form

FAQ Made to measure

You have questions about our custom jewelry?

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Your question is not listed? Then write me an e-mail.

How much does a custom design cost?

Custom designs are available from 1500€. The final price for your custom jewelry depends on the metal used and the gemstones included in the design. 

How long does it take?

On average, you should allow a period of 8-9 weeks from the initial consultation to the finished piece of jewelry. Depending on the design and complexity, such as sourcing gemstones, my recommendation is to contact me around 3 months in advance. If you need your piece of jewelry by a fixed date, feel free to contact me about it - in most cases we can find a solution.

What materials are used?

We work with 14 and 18-carat yellow, red and white gold, as well as platinum. The piece of jewelry is stamped accordingly.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make custom sterling silver pieces.

We are getting married and would like to have custom wedding rings....

Congratulations! I can't wait to design the perfect wedding rings for you and your partner. Ideally, you should make an appointment with me for this 3-9 months before the wedding.

You can find all the information HERE

I need my custom jewelry very promptly, is that possible?

The short answer to that is: Yes! I always do my best to meet your schedule. Whether or not this is successful depends largely on the gems you want and the complexity of the design. There is a fee for rush orders. 

What kind of jewelry can I have made?

We mainly design all kinds of rings, like unique engagement or wedding rings, but we can also design pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Just fill out the form HERE and tell me your wish.

Where is my custom jewelry made?

Your jewelry will be handcrafted entirely in Germany by the best of the best. For this, we work with some of the most renowned goldsmiths, stone setters, casters and other professionals in the jewelry industry who guarantee you the highest quality of your piece of jewelry.

I don't live in Stuttgart, can I still work with you?

Yes, of course! We can work together on your jewelry project via e-mail and video calls, no matter where in the world you are. After completion, we will gladly send you your piece of jewelry insured by mail.

Can the ring size be changed later if it does not fit?

Most rings can be easily resized. Every ring custom made by JUVELAN can be resized up to two sizes within six months after receipt free of charge. If a ring needs to be resized by more than two sizes, we will check the extra work and whether additional material needs to be used for this, which we will then charge you for. 

For some rings, e.g. memoire rings, models with many diamonds and gemstones on the band, or rings with several gold colors, a subsequent size change is unfortunately not possible. Therefore, I recommend making a personal appointment with me for such models or to be absolutely sure about the ring size you need.

Can I see examples of your custom designs?

Of course! HERE you will find a selection of our creations made so far.

Can I have my ring engraved?

Yes! You can have (almost) anything you want engraved on the inside or even outside of the ring.

What's the difference between a custom piece of jewelry and a "one-of-a-kind" piece?

Custom jewelry is designed and handcrafted completely individually according to your wishes and ideas. This is done using your preferred metals and gemstones, which we select together during the process. "One-of-a-kind" jewelry pieces are designed by me, creative director Johan Vandamme, according to my ideas and handmade as unique pieces in our Stuttgart studio or by our master goldsmiths in Pforzheim. So they don't exist a second time. Such jewelry is the perfect choice if you do not want to design your own piece of jewelry, but are still looking for a special one-of-a-kind piece for your personal jewelry collection or as a gift.

What if I don't like the finished piece of jewelry?

We work very closely with you throughout the process to ensure the jewelry is exactly what you want. Each step in the design process is presented to you for approval and must be approved by you before we move forward. So there are guaranteed to be no surprises at the end - other than how beautiful your custom jewelry will look when it's finished!