THE ART OF LOVE | Bridal Jewelry Collection Inspired by the Art World

The time has come: with THE ART OF LOVE we present our latest bridal jewelry collection inspired by a famous work of art of classical modernism.

27 new earrings, bracelets, necklaces and back chains that combine sometimes minimalist and sometimes expressionist clear shapes with romantic elements. The result is wearable works of art made of high-quality freshwater pearls and sparkling crystals that accompany brides from their wedding day throughout their lives.

The art of inspiration

"The idea for this collection came to me when I saw the painting "Broadway Boogie Woogie" by Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter of classical modernism. For it, he mainly used primary colors to build a network of vertical and horizontal lines and stripes. Our resulting jewelry is characterized by these clean shapes and lines that exude a modern, timeless elegance and go in a direction that has never been seen before in our company - with many design elements that we have designed and used for the very first time." (Johan Vandamme, Designer)Broadway Boogie Woogie - Piet Mondrian

Broadway Boogie Woogie - Piet Mondrian (Source: Pinterest)

In THE ART OF LOVE, for example, Biwa rod beads are used for the first time and sparkling rectangles in different sizes run through the collection as a recurring, characteristic element. As always, it was very important to us that our jewelry pieces are of the highest quality and timeless - so that they can be easily integrated into everyday life after the wedding. That's why we use only the highest quality freshwater pearls and crystals in our designs, which are available in either silver or gold, with some also available in rose gold. However, we are always happy to accommodate customer requests upon request and try to make every jewelry dream come true.

The art of love

You might now ask: What does a painting have to do with bridal jewelry? Our answer is simple: jewelry design, like painting, is an art for which you need not only talent, but above all love for what you create. And since love is considered the greatest art of all, the names of the new jewelry pieces are inspired by the art world. THE ART OF LOVE is our tribute to love and to all those who tie the knot in its name.

The art of combination

As with all of our bridal jewelry collections, some of the designs can be combined into matching sets, for example the "AVANTGARDE" earrings and necklace or the "MUSE" earrings, bracelet and necklace. However, each piece of jewelry can also be worn individually or combined with existing treasures from your own jewelry box to create an individual bridal look. Some designs are deliberately minimalist, while others, such as the expressive earrings "MY HIGHLIGHT" are perfect for the very grand entrance. So every woman is guaranteed to find the perfect piece of jewelry for her and her bridal look in this collection.

We hope you enjoy discovering our little works of art and that you will be as inspired and excited about THE ART OF LOVE as we are!

 "In art as in life, everything is possible if it is based on love." (Marc Chagall)


Creative combination:

In these stud earrings, small round crystals alternate with rectangular baguette-cut crystals. The result is modern stud earrings that cut an artistic figure with a wedding dress, business pantsuit or your favorite pair of jeans.

Store the look: CREATIVITY Stud earrings


Talented dream team:

Small round crystals and somewhat larger baguette-cut crystals harmoniously line up in these timeless ear studs. Their greatest talent: thanks to their sparkling, clear shape, they not only go well with a wedding dress, but can also be perfectly combined with any occasion in everyday life, sometimes in a classic, sometimes in a modern way. 

Store the look: ARTISTIC TALENT Stud earrings

Creoles ARTIST

Work of art for the ears:

Round, as well as rectangular baguette-cut crystals give these creoles a timelessly elegant look that makes them a favorite for festive and everyday occasions. As wedding jewelry, this pair is perfect for any bride looking for a classic earrings design with a modern twist

Store the look: ARTIST Creoles


Absolutely brilliant:

We have deliberately designed this necklace with vertical pendant made of small round crystals and crystals in angular baguette cut for cool brides - for women who want to stand out from the crowd on their wedding day and also in everyday life and want to emphasize their individuality with extraordinary jewelry.

Store the look: BRILLIANCY necklace

Back chain HIGH ART

When art meets love...

Like painting, jewelry design is an art that lives from the love of craftsmanship and detail. In this extraordinary necklace, we have combined classic round freshwater pearls with a long bar pearl, as well as a rectangle set with sparkling crystals. An interplay of different shapes that are completely different and yet harmonize perfectly with each other - as is often the case in love.

Store the look: HIGHT ART back chain

Earrings FINE ART

The art is in the details...

Delicate, feminine and yet highly modern: For these long, filigree earrings, we combined small round freshwater pearls with long bar pearls and crystal-studded geometric elements. The result: a subtly sparkling work of art that gives its wearer a touch of extravagant romance.

Store the look: FINE ART Earrings


Kissed by the muse:

This bracelet skillfully combines two of our favorite design elements: classic freshwater pearls and modern crystals in a rectangular baguette cut. Whether worn as a stand-alone eye-catcher or as a set with matching stud earrings and necklace, this dapper work of art is guaranteed to never go out of style.

Store the look: PICTURESQUE Bracelet


Beautiful with character:

Clear shapes meet romantic elements in these modern earrings. We have deliberately played with geometric shapes, combining round freshwater pearls and long bar pearls with crystal-studded angular elements to create a total work of art that skilfully stands out from traditional bridal jewelry. Anyone who wants to express their individuality is spot on with these earrings .

Store the look: PICTURESQUE Earrings

Earrings ICON

Iconic design:

Crystal clear a modern classic! Large emerald-cut crystals are the stars of these earrings, which shine so prominently that no further embellishments are needed to make a grand entrance. Their minimalist design and the exceptional cut of the crystals make them a perfect match for any outfit and absolutely timeless. 

Store the look: ICON earrings

Necklace ICON

Iconic design:

Crystal clear a modern classic! An emerald-cut crystal pendant is the star of this necklace, which shines so prominently that no other embellishments are needed to make a grand entrance. Its minimalist design and the extraordinary cut of the crystal make it suitable for any outfit and absolutely timeless.

Store the look: ICON Necklace 



Pearl earrings all look the same? No way! Aside from the fact that each pearl is unique, we've added a small but subtle modern detail to the classic pearl earring here: Four geometrically arranged baguette-cut crystals on each earring sparkle with the radiance of its owner. 

Store the look: INSPIRATION Earrings

Bracelet RARITY

A rarity with attention to detail:

Sometimes less is more. This is also the case with this delicate bracelet with an eye-catching element of artfully arranged baguette-cut crystals. Timeless and modern, this bracelet goes with any style. 

Store the look: RARITY bracelet

Necklace RARITY

A rarity with attention to detail:

Sometimes less is more. This is also the case with this delicate necklace with an eye-catching pendant made of artfully arranged baguette-cut crystals. Timeless and modern, this necklace goes with any style.

Store the look: RARITY necklace


Modern Art:

These long, extraordinary earrings are the epitome of modern, unconventional bridal jewelry. Inspired by classic modernist art, the elements set with a total of over 200 crystals create a clear, expressive look that is second to none.

Store the look: MODERNIST earrings


Shiny on:

Small round and larger angular baguette-cut crystals alternate in these long elegant ear pendants to form a
sparkling waterfall that shimmers in the light with every movement of the head. Completely without pearls, they are ideal for women who are looking for modern yet timelessly elegant earrings to make a grand entrance.
Store the look: MY HIGHLIGHT Earrings


Avant-garde elegance:

Pearl earrings? Yes, but extravagant please! In these stylish earrings, small round freshwater pearls meet long modern bar pearls in a deliberately natural look - which makes each pair truly unique. As a sparkling highlight, the plugs are adorned with small rectangular crystals in baguette cut.

Store the look: AVANTGARDE Earrings


Avant-garde elegance:

Pearl necklace? Yes, but extravagant please! For this timeless necklace, we have combined a small round freshwater pearl with a long modern bar pearl in a deliberately natural look - making each necklace truly unique. Beautiful as a single piece - or as a dream team with the matching earrings.

Store the look: AVANTGARDE Necklace

Bracelet ART STYLE

Modern artworks of today are the classics of tomorrow!

Such a work of art for the wrist is this bracelet made of classic round freshwater pearls and angular elements set with sparkling crystals. Modern yet so perfectly suited to any style, it's a perfect companion for occasions big and small.

Store the look: ART STYLE Bracelet


Noble frame:

Filigree long earrings, each interspersed with three high-quality small freshwater pearls and sparkling baguette-cut crystals as plugs. They are a real eye-catcher, not least because of their length and the discreetly sparkling crystals on the ear - which perfectly frame the bride's face without pushing themselves into the foreground.

Store the look: PORTRAIT Earrings

Stud earrings, necklace & bracelet MUSE

Kissed by the muse:

These jewelry pieces skillfully combine three of our favorite design elements: classic freshwater pearls, modern round crystals, and rectangular baguette-cut crystals. Whether worn as a stand-alone eye-catcher or as a set with the matching bracelet and necklace, this dapper piece of art is guaranteed to never go out of style.

Store the look: MUSE earrings | MUSE bracelet | MUSE necklace

Necklace ART LOVER

Collector's item!

This necklace is one of our personal favorites: The combination of small round and angular crystals in baguette cut form an artful sparkling pendant. With its clear design language, this necklace is perfect for women who have their own mind and are looking for jewelry that stands out and underlines their personality.

Store the look: ART LOVER Necklace


A true masterpiece:

We ourselves are deeply in love with this earring work of art made of crystals in elongated baguette and square princess cut. They caress their owner's face with every movement, sparkling away with her wedding day bright eyes. But long after the wedding, these earrings are perfect for any kind of grand entrance - or to add a dose of extravagance to everyday life!

Store the look: MASTERPIECE Earrings

Earrings GENIUS

Simply ingenious:

Sophisticated pull-through earrings, each with a small round and a long bar pearl as an eye-catcher. Since they are pulled through the ear holes, they are individually adjustable in length and can thus be worn variably - a modern filigree work of art for every look, not only as a highlight on the wedding day.

Store the look: GENIUS Earrings

Earrings BRAVURA

Bravura piece:

Small round freshwater pearls and rectangular baguette-cut crystals give these long elegant ear pendants the perfect blend of romance and modern touch. They sparkle with every movement of the head, creating an artful frame for the radiant smile of its wearer.

Store the look: BRAVURA Earrings


Modern art:

These long, extraordinary earrings are the epitome of modern, unconventional bridal jewelry. Inspired by classic modernist art, the elements, set with a total of over 200 crystals, create a clean, expressive look that is second to none.

Store the look: PICTURE PERFECT Earrings